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12/8/2014 - JCP&L/FirstEnergy offers the following safety tips to ensure holiday lighting displays remain safe throughout the season

The holiday season is the most popular time for home 
decoration. JCP&L/FirstEnergy offers the following safety tips to 
ensure holiday lighting displays remain safe throughout 
the season. 

Outdoor Lighting Safety 

  • Check all lights for frayed wires or areas where 
    insulation has pulled away from plugs or sockets. Discard 
    and replace any damaged light strings. 
  • Take extra care using a ladder to install lights – avoid 
    contact with overhead wires and make sure the ladder is 
    placed on solid, level ground that isn’t slippery. 
  • Ensure that tacks or nails used to hold light strings do 
    not pierce any insulation on wires or light sockets. 
  • Use only extension cords that are approved for outdoor 
    use. These cords must meet rigorous safety standards 
    that indoor cords may not meet. 
  • Outdoor lights, inflatables and other decorations should 
    be plugged into outlets protected by ground fault
  • Place outdoor lights on a timer or turn them off before 
    you go to bed. 

Indoor Lighting Safety 

  • Inspect all light strings and cords for any damage, 
    including frayed wires or insulation that has pulled away 
    from light sockets or plugs. Also check for chewing or 
    scratching damage if you have pets in the house. Discard 
    and replace any damaged light strings. 
  • Live trees should be kept well-watered. 
  • No more than three strings of standard indoor lights 
    should be connected to any extension cord. 
  • Make sure cords are placed where they won’t be 
    stepped on, kinked or pose a tripping hazard. 
  • Lights should not be permitted to touch drapes, 
    furniture or carpeting. 
  • Lights should be turned off overnight and when no one 
    is home. 

Additional holiday safety information is available at
html. For more details about keeping safe
around electricity, local groups can request a
presentation through the FirstEnergy Speakers Bureau.
For more information, contact